A Guide To The Different Types Of Auto Parts

It’s easy, however, to get lost in the sea level of auto replacement parts flooding the market. As you probably know, there are many different types of performance car parts Australia. This should give an idea of how diverse the options that customers have been.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a handy guide explaining the differences among these various types of auto parts? If you are thinking in the same direction, today’s blog entry will help you. Let’s get started!

Auto Parts

NOS stands for “new-old-stock,” and it often refers to no-been-used parts of automobiles that were produced at a time in which obsolete vehicles were still being made. These auto parts were made by the vehicle’s actual manufacturers. However, they were not sold and instead remained unused in various warehouses.

They are often no longer made by the manufacturer. Because of this, they are highly sought-after parts and can have prices that go well above their original market value. You can see how vintage car owners would be willing to pay a premium for parts that are not in production.

While NOS auto parts are original products that were made by the manufacturer of their matching vehicles, this does not mean they are the best products to purchase. There may be components within NOS parts that are susceptible to deterioration over time. Rubber can degrade from heat, oxygen, or ozone exposure. Metals, particularly in environments with high levels of airborne salt, can suffer from corrosion. Therefore, it is important that you source NOS auto parts only from reliable suppliers who can source and supply new old stock products.

Nors Auto Parts

NORS can be translated as “new old substitute stock” or “new older reproduced stocks.” NORS auto parts also refer to products that have never been used and were produced sometime in the distant past. Third-party vendors produced NORS auto components, which are different from their NOS manufactured counterparts. These parts were often used to replace older vehicles.

NORS auto parts are nearly identical to OEM and OEM auto parts. However, since they weren’t made by the manufacturer and are generally more readily available than their original counterparts they tend to be cheaper to buy for consumers.

Remanufactured Auto Parts

Remanufactured components are parts that have been carefully disassembled and cleaned. They can then be modified to work again. These parts can have problems. The faulty and old components are removed and replaced. Final products are then tested to ensure that they conform or exceed OEM specifications.

Consumers can save significant amounts on auto parts by buying remanufactured.

Used Auto Parts

Sometimes, a part of a used car will not need to be refurbished because it is in a good enough condition that it doesn’t require any modification. To ensure that the parts meet the specified tolerances, they are cleaned thoroughly and properly tested.

Auto parts that have been used and tested can be affordable. Auto buyers must make sure they only buy parts from trusted suppliers that have a track record in providing high-quality parts to customers.

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