Commonly Ignored Workplace Risks

You’ve implemented several lean manufacturing techniques to minimize cycle times, streamline workflow, and optimize your shop floor layout. None of these programs, on the other hand, shield your team against today’s most frequent safety risks, which result in more employee downtime, worse throughput, and, most critically, higher costs.


Industrial athletes lift, push, pull, turn, place, hold, and carry raw materials and semi-finished goods daily. The danger of damage and downtime grows as a result of the repeated repetition throughout the day.

Training and frequent employee input via safety audits and inspections can help to reduce the number of musculoskeletal injuries that result. Many of these injuries, however, are caused by the type of surface that your industrial athletes stand on every minute of every day.

Your staff is expected to work on hard surfaces such as concrete during their shift. The impact on their feet, legs, and lower back is absorbed by these surfaces. They simply aren’t as adaptable and elastic as anti-fatigue matting or other ergonomic flooring options. When the surface is stationary, your team’s muscles and joints are more vulnerable to injury when they push themselves.

Fall, Trips, and Slips

Manufacturing is rife with complacency. Repetitive duties can lead to a slump and a false sense of security among your staff. These are the times when kids are most vulnerable to injury. There are a variety of causes for slips, trips, and falls, and the majority of them may be prevented. These mishaps could happen on your factory floor during production or in the vicinity of your warehouse. Finally, it’s vital to comprehend how and why they occur.

Determine the most prevalent cause of spills first. Is it more common for liquids to leak during loading and unloading? Do you provide spill kits and pallets to your employees? Will they use markers and signage to block access to the spillage right away? Are your employees at risk of slipping and falling? The correct ergonomic flooring can assure your team’s safety by providing outstanding slip resistance.

Second, look for frequent hazards in high-traffic areas and between pieces of equipment, such as pricey cables, wires, and heavy-duty hoses. Cable covers, for example, can protect your investment from both wheeled and pedestrian traffic while also reducing trip injuries caused by improperly positioned wires and cables.

Third, ensure that remedial actions are used to implement preventative measures. The safety of your staff is extremely important. If it means they won’t get hurt, they’ll gladly help eliminate the core cause of accidents. A well-trained squad of industrial athletes ensures that everyone is aware of what will occur in the event of a disaster.

Waterhog mats and flooring reduce fatigue, increases productivity, and raise the morale of standing employees.

Incorrect Reach

The correct position to the work at hand is one of the most neglected and underestimated health and safety risks.

It’s more than an inconvenience or nuisance when employees constantly strain to reach; it can have a severe impact on both productivity and health.

The human body is a marvel of engineering! It’s a system of muscles, tendons, and bones that all operate together.

To work on a project jointly Within the Power Zone, you’ll have the most strength and have the lowest risk of injury. Employees can use work platforms to reduce excessive, awkward postures, unbalance, and upper-body strain.

Lack of visibility

A fundamental component of any safety campaign is drawing attention to potential hazards. While repairs or maintenance are being done, put up caution tape to protect against any short-term danger. Use floor signs to call attention to wet areas. Use floor markings or signage to warn employees of forklift traffic. Make sure all emergency eyewash and shower stations are properly marked, clear of obstructions, and easily seen when urgently needed. Use highly visible signage and claim the space with a suitable mat.

Body Aches and Fatigue

Let’s face it. Standing all day on concrete is exhausting. Whether you’ve walked a trade show or stood in a long shopping line you’ve experienced the effects of a hard floor. Even the best shoes or insoles give much relief. Imagine dealing with that discomfort day in and day out.

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