Car Refinancing Basics

You can replace your car loan with an auto refinance loan.

What Does Auto Refinancing Mean?

An auto refinance is when your existing automobile loan is refinanced with a loan with better terms. You then open a brand new loan with new paperwork and a different loan rate. Refinance car laon generally is the replacement of an existing debt obligation with another debt obligation under a different term and interest rate

When You Refinance Your Car

There are many reasons that someone might need to refinance car loan.

* Interest rates have fallen since you took out your old loan. If interest rates have fallen, it’s worth talking with a lender to determine what savings you might be able to make over the term of your loan.

* You weren’t able to get the best deal on your car when you purchased it. The best rates may not be offered by car dealers. A refinance of a car loan is a great option if the dealer you used to finance your loan could not negotiate the interest rate.

* Your financial situation has changed, and you wish to pay a lower monthly amount. Refinancing your loan can reduce your monthly payments but may mean you pay more over the life of the loan. You will see your vehicle lose value over that period, and may have to pay higher interest rates for the remainder of the loan term. Depending on the year, term restrictions may apply.

* Your credit has improved in the time since you got your first loan. Checking to see if you could get a better deal in the future is a smart move if you had poor credit. You might get better rates and be able to save money over your loan term.

How Do You Refinance Your Car?

To compare interest rates from multiple lenders and assess whether or not refinancing will be a good option for you, go to You will need to know if there are any prepayment penalties or costs associated with repaying your loan early, as well as any additional expenses before you proceed. If the real worth of your automobile is less than the amount of your loan, you may be unable to obtain financing. It is possible that you may need to restrict the age of the car you wish to refinance.

Once you have decided to refinance, gather your documentation. For a new loan application, you’ll likely need several documents.

* Income verification

* Auto insurance documentation.

* Information about your current loans.

* Information about the vehicle, including make, year, model, mileage, and VIN.

* Your driver’s permit.

Gap Insurance

When a customer’s automobile is stolen or damaged in an accident, GAP (also known as Guaranteed Asset Protection) will cover the cost of replacing the vehicle. GAP will refund the claimant for any leftover amount on the original claim. Given the high cost of car restoration following an accident, GAP protection may prove to be even more important than it has previously been.