Text Messaging Can Help Your Vacation Rental

According to a study consumer and communication poll, 63 percent of customers said they would like to deal with a firm that provides text messaging as a mode of contact. Millennials are one of the most important segments of us travelers, and they are a text-obsessed generation. Texting is a fast and simple method to communicate information and makes it easy to retrieve the information afterward. It also enables consumers and businesses to stop a discussion, reflect, debate, and answer in ways that are difficult to accomplish over the phone.

When it comes to maintaining a successful house rental in Key West, communication is important, and adding text messaging to your ways of communication will help you appeal to a wider audience while also simplifying many of the techniques and procedures that you currently have in place.

If the user has not completed the booking, follow up with them

For many individuals, the preparation phase of a trip is half the enjoyment. They get so thrilled about selecting dates and adding vacation accommodations to their favorites list, yet 81% of them stop there. They expressed curiosity, asked questions, and then vanished. We live in a busy world where people are often distracted, so a short follow-up SMS may be exactly what they need to remind them to complete the booking before it’s too late.

Sending a follow-up text message may be all that is required to persuade tourists to complete their reservation. It also demonstrates that you are keeping up with your listings and paying attention to who is asking. A short SMS message might be the difference between a pending booking and a confirmed reservation.

Opening the discussion to address any questions they may have may start a conversation, create a connection, and assist reluctant travelers in making a confident and educated choice. It was all due to a simple text message delivered at the correct moment.

Prior to their arrival

As you go back and forth through the reservation process, ask travelers if they are comfortable with text message communication. If they say yes, utilize text messaging to keep them up to speed on the status of their bookings.

A simple text to let them know that their money was completed, that you got their booking forms, or that you spotted their online request for a welcome bundle and included it in their reservation may make visitors feel involved in the process. This is a simple approach to inform visitors that you are working hard behind the scenes to ensure they get the greatest experience possible.

Send a text message on travel day to let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them and to keep them up to speed on any travel, weather, or traffic difficulties they should be aware of. Remind them of the best method to reach you if they have any questions while on the road, and express your delight at having them.

A cordial follow-up

Allow the visitor some time to settle in once they arrive. Then, the next day, send them a brief text message to follow up on their check-in experience and see if there’s anything more you can do to assist them. Guests like knowing that they can contact the host if they have any questions or need assistance, and a text message is an informal and casual method to do so. Try not to overload them with more text messages after this follow-up. Allow them to enjoy their trip while assuring them that you are accessible to them if they have any queries or worries.