For most of us, living on a beautiful island someplace exotic, meeting new people every day, and being paid to do something we like seems like an unattainable fantasy.

However, if you’ve ever gone on a diving trip or course, you’ve probably found yourself gazing at your dive instructor and thinking that they’ve gotten a pretty good bargain.

Are you ready for the Leap? Learn How to Be a Dive Instructor!

While it is a well-known reality that being a diving teacher will not make you wealthy, you cannot contradict the old adage “choose a career you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”
If you have a strong connection to the sea and like all things diving, this may be the career for you.

Is it right for you?

While it may seem on the surface that becoming a diving teacher is a simple task, it is not as simple as spending a few hours a day swimming with the fish and then heading to the local beach bar for a drink.

As a diving teacher, your days are long, with early starts and late ends.

You will also most certainly work a 6-day week, with the possibility of 7 days if your company determines it is exceptionally busy.

Think about loading and unloading tanks into boats and trucks on a daily basis. Add 40 degrees of heat and sometimes just a minute to consume.

Then there’s the paperwork, the tough clients, and the occasional attempt to console terrified or unhappy divers.

It is critical to understand that recreational diving is not the same as professional diving. You spend your time as the consumer admiring the gorgeous undersea environment around you.

As an instructor, you’ll spend a lot of time watching other divers to make sure they’re not doing anything dumb and that everyone returns to the boat or land safely with air in their tanks.

The work demands a lot of patience, since some individuals grasp things in an instant, while others take days.

You must be personable and have the kind of demeanour that puts others at ease in an unfamiliar circumstance.

So, why do it?

Having said that, there is no finer feeling than exposing someone to this entire other universe.
Whether it’s a scared toddler whose eyes light up with every passing fish or an elderly person who is afraid yet wants to dive.

The sense of success you receive when you assist someone conquer their apprehension about diving is unparalleled.

You develop relationships with your pupils, and when they finally grasp a skill you’ve been trying to teach them for hours, you feel like a proud father!

There will also be days when you will be guiding experienced divers, allowing you to enjoy the diving while still earning a living.

No two days are same, and spending so much time in the water guarantees wonderful experiences and unique interactions with marine life.
You will also make lifelong friends from all around the world with whom you share a love of the water.