Different Activities In Malta

Are you planning a vacation to Malta and searching for the finest things to do there? You’ve arrived at the proper location!

Malta is a stunning island amid the Mediterranean Sea’s blue waters.

Malta is an excellent vacation location for families, couples, and solo travelers near Italy, and because English is widely spoken as the country’s second official language, visiting Malta is a simple choice. This is a brief travel guide to Malta!

Malta Pre-Travel Information

When To Visit Malta?

July is peak tourist season on this bright Mediterranean island, and beach club Malta may become quite packed.

If you can visit Malta in May, you have a decent chance of experiencing beach weather and no rain. July and August are by far the busiest and warmest months in Malta, and for most of us, the sun may become unbearable.

September is also an excellent time to come, and if you remain for a week or more in October, you should get pretty pleasant beach weather.

The finest activities to do in Malta during the summer involve the sun and the sea, so don’t postpone your trip until late in the year, or you’ll see the worst winter storms you’ve ever seen.

Accommodations In Malta

Sliema and St. Julians are the most popular tourist destinations due to their beaches and excellent tourism-supporting infrastructure.

If you desire tranquility, you should visit the island of Gozo.

Hotels In Gozo – Verify Availability And Rates

If you stay in Valletta, you must cross the harbor to get to Sliema, where the closest beaches are, if you want to go swimming.

Malta Attractions: What To See, Do, And Enjoy?

Malta Beaches

As Malta is surrounded by crystal blue waters, enjoying the beach to your heart’s content is the most obvious decision and the greatest thing to do on the island.

Locals go to the Exiles Beach cliffs in Sliema (keep an eye out for the cat park where stray cats are cared for), Melliea’s sandy beach, and St. George’s Bay. Locals like staying out late and having family picnics on the beach.

The Comino And Blue Lagoon

The island of Comino is one of the most popular tourist sites in Malta.

The water of the Blue Lagoon, located on the island of Comino, is extraordinarily blue. One of Malta’s finest beaches!

You may get tickets from several ticket sellers on the Sliema seafront or at your hotel. If you purchase tickets directly at the port, you may be able to negotiate a price reduction of at least 5 euros if the boat you wish to join is not sold out 30 minutes before departure.

Unfortunately, July and August are quite congested months on this site.

Children like the Blue Lagoon tremendously! If you are coming to Malta with toddlers, you should not miss the following locations.


Mdina was the former capital of Malta. The history of the city dates back more than 4,000 years. One of the top activities in Malta!

Mdina is an excellent option if you are seeking the greatest things to do in Malta and you appreciate history and architecture.

Diving In Malta

The dive locations in Malta are frequently cited as the greatest in Europe. And what’s fascinating about diving in Malta is that even novice divers may tour shipwrecks right off the coast of Valletta, the capital city.

There are several diving opportunities in Malta, including wrecks, caverns, and even a tiny inland sea. Even though the majority of fish are not rainbow-colored, even novice divers may identify octopus, squid, and other species in their underwater homes.

The Beach Clubs Of Malta

Although we previously discussed beaches, Maltese beach clubs are a whole different story in Europe.

Keep an eye out for the famous MedAsia Playa, the Fortina Hotel club with two outdoor pools, and the Exiles Beach Clubs, a local favorite in Sliema.

Shopping In Malta

The greatest malls in Malta are located outside of Valletta, the capital city.

If you are staying in Valletta, take the Sliema boat to the Sliema harbor and then walk along Strand Boulevard to the right until you reach a pedestrian bridge. At its conclusion is The Point, Malta’s largest retail mall, which features foreign and local brands.

Farsons Beer Celebration

Farsons is a prominent Maltese brewery that annually hosts a massive beer festival. If you are in Malta towards the end of July or the beginning of August, you should not miss this festival at Ta’Qali National Park.

Numerous cover bands perform till the wee hours of the morning. The Farsons Beer Festival is one of the greatest things to do in Malta amid summer, when the cooler evening weather encourages residents to congregate outside.